Day: September 12, 2014


The Fruit of the Spirit Unit: Week Three: (Peace)

The week will begin by defining peace and reading scriptures about how God is our Peace. Then you will present the Gospel again, by talking about how God’s just wrath was satisfied by Jesus’ death on the cross. We now have peace with God because the sin debt has been paid in full. Next, we will talk about how as Christians, we are warriors on a battlefield, and how Satan wants to make our minds a place of worry and stress. You will discover how God can bring peace to an anxious and worried mind. (I have to admit, day three really excites me! Make sure you don’t skip it!). Next, you will talk with your kids about how obeying God (and you) will lead to peace and that when we sin, we step out of the safety and security God’s peace brings. Finally, you will round out the week by encouraging your kids to be peacemakers at their school, church, and with their brothers/sisters.