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Homeschooling with Classical Conversations: Lessons Learned

This past month marked the conclusion of our second full year of participation in a Classical Conversations Community. Although current CC members are winding up their community days, many families are at the beginning stages of their homeschool journey. They have decided to enroll in this program for the next school year because, even on the surface, they can see the benefits that CC … Read More Homeschooling with Classical Conversations: Lessons Learned


How I Plan and Organize Our Homeschool

It is that time if year again: freshly sharpened pencils, subject binders with colorful covers, planning sheets filled with possibility, sheet protectors galore, and that bright shiny new curriculum. Well, most of it is new, anyway. If you enter our home, you will see our dining room table covered with the afore mentioned binders and planners. You will also find me hard at work … Read More How I Plan and Organize Our Homeschool


Six Simple Things That Made Our Homeschool Day Better

Through much trial and error, prayer, webinar watching, book reading, podcast listening, and more trial and error—here are six simple things we have implemented into our homeschool that have made all the difference. Setting a Vision & Writing Goals that Reflect That Vision Spiral Notebook Planning Six Weeks On, One Week Off Starting Our Day with Bible & Morning Time Symposium–Instead of Math, Grammar, … Read More Six Simple Things That Made Our Homeschool Day Better


Seeds of Rest

At this juncture, I want to confess that I did like the idea of quietness and trust. I even dabbled in it, if you will. But, if the truth were to be told, my actions proclaimed: “I want nothing of this!”


A Peek Into the Most Cherished Time of Our School Day

“Before you go on thinking these times are perfect with well-behaved children, and beautifully cut out crafts–think again! We are just normal, everyday people encountering extraordinary ideas and truths. I like to think of it as a beautiful mess. A somewhat organized–mostly chaotic–beautiful mess.”


Our Curriculum 2016-2017 Part Two

And now, our full curriculum list for Rosebud and Sunshine. Our Organization & Planning Resources As I mentioned in part one of this blog series, I used Pam Barnhill’s Plan Your Year ebook and forms to organize our homeschool life this year. I am including a few examples of the forms we are utilizing this year toward the end of this post. I also … Read More Our Curriculum 2016-2017 Part Two


Our Curriculum 2016-2017 Part One

Well, it’s that time of year again! We are so excited to begin another adventurous year in homeschooling. What you are about to read is not a perfect plan. Changes will be made, curriculum won’t be completely finished, and days will go awry. But, I come to this year with an entirely new perspective, purpose, and philosophy. To put it shortly, I have a new and deeper … Read More Our Curriculum 2016-2017 Part One


Rule of Six

Well, we are just a few weeks away from finishing our first year of homeschooling.  We are also a couple of months away from a big move to another state (there is another post in the works that will expound on that journey).  At this time of conclusions, my mind begins to turn toward new beginnings. For many homeschooling parents, this is the time … Read More Rule of Six

Our Fall Semester Part 2: What the Girls Have Learned (Curriculum Reviews)

Greetings everyone! Here is the second installment as promised back before Christmas!  In this post, I will focus upon the curriculum we have incorporated and share the nuts and bolts of our homeschooling day.  I will present it in the same order as our daily school schedule. I will warn you, this post is full of pictures, videos, personal anecdotes, and some nitty gritty … Read More Our Fall Semester Part 2: What the Girls Have Learned (Curriculum Reviews)


Our Scripture Memory Plan for 2016

Happy New Year everyone! For those of you who have read my most recent post, I am still working on Part II of what we have learned in our homeschool so far this year, but something else came up that I wanted to share. As a family, we try to make memorizing scripture a priority. In the past, we have either memorized verses that … Read More Our Scripture Memory Plan for 2016