I firmly believe that within God’s creation, He has given us all we need for optimum health and nutrition.  I hope to provide information, recipes, links, and tips on how to support the health of your family and loved ones.

Here you will find links to great meal planning websites, whole food and nutrition blogs, holistic medical resources, essential oil recommendations and Shaklee products/testimonials.

5 product linesOur family has been greatly impacted by the nutritional products that Shaklee provides.   I am a distributor for this company and hope to share the gift of Shaklee with all who read this blog.   Changing brands really did change our lives and I want to pass on this amazing effect.  My children have experienced dramatic changes in their health since starting with Shaklee nutrition.  I hope to share some of our journey with you.


While the primary providers of nutrition in our home are our local Co-Op, farmer’s market, and Shaklee we also have found support from essential oils.  We use Young Living essential oils on a daily basis to purify the air in our home; soothe bumps, bruises, and bites; ease our kiddos tummy troubles, and to relax us for sleep at night.

As a mommy who likes to cook and bake for her family, I am consistently on the lookout for great recipes and meal plans.   Some of my recommendations for meal planning are:  Real Plans and Once a Month Meals.  Both of these sites are great resources for the mom or dad in need of a healthy recipe, and ways to cook meals in advance so as to save time and money.  I am planning on trying one of these sites monthly plans to see how it works for our family.   There is also a great book on meal planning entitleThe Seed Sower copyd “Once a Month Cooking“.  I definitely plan to put this one to good use this year as we homeschool.    There are also wonderful books and sites on canning and preserving food for the year.   Yes, you can can!  If I can do it, so can you!  Another favorite site of mine is  The Pioneer Woman‘s blog.  I have a husband who is a “meat and potato” man.   Her recipes fit the bill!

I can’t wait to add content to this area of the blog.   Hopefully it will give many families some great tools to utilize on their nutritional journey.




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