For the month of July, I will be donating all of my Shaklee proceeds to the “Save the HSU Orchestra” fund.

Earlier this year, the announcement was made that my alma mater, Hardin-Simmons University, was cutting the orchestra and string program from the music school. I was stunned. Apparently I was not the only one. Hundreds of people began to write letters and make their voices heard to the administration. The outcry was so loud that the President opted to designate a fund to save the HSU Orchestra. We have a great amount of money to raise, but so far the response has been amazing.

Now, I want to do my part.

My goal is to be able to donate at least $1,000 toward this cause.  $2,000 would be even better and is totally possible with your help!  So how would this work?  In order to donate $1,000, I would need about 3000 PV (point value) in Shaklee products to be purchased; 6000 PV will allow me to donate around $2000. Even if we raise 9000 PV I will donate all of my July proceeds to this fund.

If 100 people would place a 60 PV order–a 6000 PV goal would be reached. It is a goal that can easily be attained if we all do our part.

So now to answer your first question….


What is PV?

Every Shaklee product has a certain point value. For instance, a two month supply of our multi-vitamin Vita-Lea  has a point value of 17.70. Our organic super cleaning concentrate, Basic-H, has a point value of 5.17 for a 16 oz bottle. There are also many products that have a high PV, such as our Life Plan (166.67 PV) and Enfuselle Nutrition Therapy Skincare kit (141.29). Our Gold PAKs pack the largest punch with a range of 250-750 PV and give the purchaser the best products from each product line.

5.17 PV

Just to be clear, the point value is not the price of the product. Shaklee will list both a member price and a retail price for each product, but PV is a separate number. If, at the end of this page, you have questions about member price vs. retail price, please feel free to leave them in the comment section.

But wait! First things first…


What is Shaklee?

Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the United States. The company has been in existence for 60 years and leads the health and wellness industry in safety, sustainability, and performance. Watch this short video to learn more about what makes Shaklee different from other companies.

Here are just a few practices that set Shaklee apart:

1) Shaklee conducts over 100,000 quality tests each year on their products. No other nutrition company can make this claim. 2) Shaklee has invested over $300 million dollars in scientific research. 3) Green is in our DNA. We are the first company in the world to be named a Climate Neutral Certified Company. Our products are always green, always safe, and always work.



What products are available to me?

Shaklee has products for every area of your life, and is committed to making sure that what goes in, on, and around your body is completely safe and effective. You can follow this link or explore each heading below.

1. Healthy Foundations

The Healthy Foundations line includes everything you will need to build health from the inside out. You can begin with a simple multi-vitamin or go with the Life Plan–which has been legally designated as “the most comprehensive nutritional system in the world.” There are products for kids, and a sports nutrition line to enhance your workouts.

In 2008, a Landmark Study revealed that Shaklee users had significantly better health markers than supplement users of other companies. More recently, a telomere study was conducted and revealed that an 80 year old Shaklee user can have the same telomere length as a 40 year old.  What are telomeres and why does this study matter? Watch this.



2. Healthy Solutions


Need to target some specific health concerns? The healthy solutions line will provide what you need: including products for the heart, brain, bone, and digestive system. Need to boost your immune system?  Shaklee has got you covered. There are also targeted products for men’s and women’s health.

Here are a couple of videos about our favorite solutions:  Vivix and Mindworks

3. Healthy Weight

Need to lose weight and transform your life? Do a 180 and join thousands of Americans who have experienced the amazing results with Shaklee 180. Shaklee’s weight loss program is not a fad–it is based upon science. Lose fat and keep your muscle–all the while receiving amazing nutritional support.  Want more info about this product line? Watch this excellent video.


4. Healthy Beauty

Did you know that what goes ON your body is just as important as what goes in it? Many popular skincare products are full of toxic ingredients. Shaklee’s Enfuselle products provide outstanding results without the harmful chemicals. Not only do these products out perform many department store brands, but they often less expensive.  Take a look here if this is a line you want to explore.


5. Healthy Home

This line is near and dear to me as it is where I began in Shaklee. Shaklee’s Get Clean products can replace every name brand cleaner in your home with products that perform to your high cleaning standard without all the harmful chemicals. Not only that, these products will save you THOUSANDS of dollars. Just one $10 bottle of Basic H will last you about a year.  My first bottle lasted me 14 months–and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more in this informative video.



Just one $99 Get Clean Kit will save you up to $3,400


6. Sports Nutrition

Want to enhance your workouts and fuel your body the best nutrition possible? Check out our sports nutrition line.


7. Business Opportunity

Believe it or not, Shaklee’s best product is its business opportunity.  Thousands of people have transformed their lives by sharing Shaklee with others. If you watch this video and want to learn more, please leave a comment below!


Want to make a big contribution to the HSU Orchestra Fund? 

Then go with a GOLD PAK.  If you would like to experience the best Shaklee offers in each product line, the Gold Pak is for you! Also, it will ensure a larger contribution to the HSU Orchestra fund.  Heck, if at the end of the month we have raised 8000 PV from several of these gold paks, I will still donate all the proceeds to the fund.

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Here are a few of our most popular kits.  All of these will come with a free membership.


To purchase one of these, click here.  Click on the “join as a member” icon.  Then you can browse the “featured kits” or “other kits” tab.


 ***You do not have to be a Shaklee member to participate, and some products will automatically qualify you for a free membership. Otherwise, membership is optional and is a one-time, lifetime fee of $19.95. No hidden fees, no renewal fees, no buying requirements.  If you never want to buy another product, that is completely your choice.***

Make a difference in your health AND help save one of the most important musical ensembles on the HSU campus. Lets keep the orchestra program going. We can do it together! Just follow this link to get started, make a comment on the Facebook page, or comment below if you have questions.  I will answer them right away.

Spread the word and thanks for your support!

Throughout the month of July, I will update this page with a graphic showing how much PV has been raised.

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