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Six Simple Things That Made Our Homeschool Day Better

Through much trial and error, prayer, webinar watching, book reading, podcast listening, and more trial and error—here are six simple things we have implemented into our homeschool that have made all the difference. Setting a Vision & Writing Goals that Reflect That Vision Spiral Notebook Planning Six Weeks On, One Week Off Starting Our Day with Bible & Morning Time Symposium–Instead of Math, Grammar, … Read More Six Simple Things That Made Our Homeschool Day Better


Seeds of Rest

At this juncture, I want to confess that I did like the idea of quietness and trust. I even dabbled in it, if you will. But, if the truth were to be told, my actions proclaimed: “I want nothing of this!”


A Peek Into the Most Cherished Time of Our School Day

“Before you go on thinking these times are perfect with well-behaved children, and beautifully cut out crafts–think again! We are just normal, everyday people encountering extraordinary ideas and truths. I like to think of it as a beautiful mess. A somewhat organized–mostly chaotic–beautiful mess.”