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The “Minimum Viable Day”

Those who have read most of my posts know that I am a fan of Pam Barnhill and her wonderful planning resources over at Homeschool Solutions. She also hops onto Facebook Live to give tips, hacks, and resources that help homeschooling moms along their journey. I cannot remember exactly when I heard her talk about a minimum viable day, but I do recall that … Read More The “Minimum Viable Day”


How I Plan and Organize Our Homeschool

It is that time if year again: freshly sharpened pencils, subject binders with colorful covers, planning sheets filled with possibility, sheet protectors galore, and that bright shiny new curriculum. Well, most of it is new, anyway. If you enter our home, you will see our dining room table covered with the afore mentioned binders and planners. You will also find me hard at work … Read More How I Plan and Organize Our Homeschool


A Peek Into the Most Cherished Time of Our School Day

“Before you go on thinking these times are perfect with well-behaved children, and beautifully cut out crafts–think again! We are just normal, everyday people encountering extraordinary ideas and truths. I like to think of it as a beautiful mess. A somewhat organized–mostly chaotic–beautiful mess.”