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The “Minimum Viable Day”

Those who have read most of my posts know that I am a fan of Pam Barnhill and her wonderful planning resources over at Homeschool Solutions. She also hops onto Facebook Live to give tips, hacks, and resources that help homeschooling moms along their journey. I cannot remember exactly when I heard her talk about a minimum viable day, but I do recall that … Read More The “Minimum Viable Day”


Six Simple Things That Made Our Homeschool Day Better

Through much trial and error, prayer, webinar watching, book reading, podcast listening, and more trial and error—here are six simple things we have implemented into our homeschool that have made all the difference. Setting a Vision & Writing Goals that Reflect That Vision Spiral Notebook Planning Six Weeks On, One Week Off Starting Our Day with Bible & Morning Time Symposium–Instead of Math, Grammar, … Read More Six Simple Things That Made Our Homeschool Day Better